Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reading the headlines: anyone for divine intervention?

I did throw Monday's newspaper, but even if I had thrown it to be recycled some stories just were not...
FRIENDS TURN LIKE FAMILY TO GI He's lost two legs, but may regain some use of the right.
Egyptian Army on Both Sides We saw the bodies in the street yesterday; so it's calmer now, but when does calm return to a brain etched with those images?
Cold War Disaster to be Remembered Some people want to create a memorial to those on an offshore radar platform that collapsed during a hurricane. A son's response was, "A day hasn't gone in the fifty years that I haven't remembered.
Drug Gangs' Specter Shadows Mexican Vote  And the shootings and beheadings cloud the mind, too.
Mother Accused of Slaying Two in Jail  and I hope the first officer in didn't have kids the same age.
Lifer a Suspect in Slaying of Guard at Prison She had said she didn't want to work the Sunday worship service alone; there will be plenty of guilt to get around this next Sunday, and next, and the next...
Two Badly Injured in Broadway Stabbing At least one will survive, perhaps both - but which of them will be able forget?
Southern Sudan Votes to Split but was it two hundred thousands or was it millions? Grandparents will die, but those memories won't. Like sin, its aftereffects will continue unto the fifth and sixth generation, we can truly fear.
German Trail Crash Toll May Rise, Cause Unknown  The effects can, I don't know about train wrecks, but I have a very accurate idea about passenger plane crashes.
Clinton Assures Haitians On Aid  But what of us, knowing about PTSD, can assure those who live that the haunting won't be triggered the next time there is the slightest shaking?
Then there was a Letter to the Editor from a local pastor: "Tucson reflects drift from Ten Commandments." We can be sure the memories of that bloody mess won't drift away from a good many rescurers.

Regardless of our religious beliefs - or absence of them - you can understand why the Apostle Paul longed for a divine intervention. However that may be, we all should be in agreement with him in such matters as we have been reading: It is not all about me. It is about us.

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