Tuesday, March 1, 2011

AA always has great one-liners

Having dinner with friends one night, the conversation turned towards alcoholism. There was a sharing worth lifting up. Sobriety meant truly learning, “It isn’t all about me."

In terms of theology, I think this is a pointed statement about the doctrine of Original Sin.

Whether I reflect back on my years of struggle as a marriage counselor, or when I am listening to the debate about gun rights, I keep coming to back to his simple affirmation: “It isn’t all about me.” Truth to tell: in looking in the mirror as I comb my what-is-left hairs, thoughts come that are a bit more challenging than what I usually had. And you?

There is nothing like experiencing having been encapsulated by flashbacks to teach a person about the essence of “about me.” As a great counterweight I recommended re-reading the Acts of the Apostles if you haven’t done that recently. Every time I have turned a corner in my life I have found it full of new insights – and that’s not just about me…

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