Monday, May 9, 2011

It's time for that back book cover

Things are drawing to a close for our book and now’s the time for the selection of those we want to comment on our thinking about Paul and post-traumatic stress. The shift is from the more personal found in the blog to the more formal exposition of a book. Our son Rob has cautioned again choosing friends, but who would not want someone who is friendly!

Evaluators need to be chosen on the basis of the audiences to be addressed. Those audiences are, of course, in a sense self selected by the need we see to be met. We have chosen three persons, each of whom has agreed to write a short review.

One was chosen on the basis of scholarship in the field of religion, and for having an international perspective of aspects of the post-traumatic. One was chosen because of the need to involve pastors, and particular in reference to small pastoral care groups. One was asked because of the need to address women’s issues and also in regard to mental health concerns.

The obvious omissions are the concerns of veterans and their families. As any reader will be aware, however, war and its terrible emotional consequences are not strangers to the authors. There is just so much space. So it is that we draw near to the time of marketing. Then, as one of my good friends used to say, “It is all hands and the cooks to the front.”

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