Friday, May 27, 2011

A pastor is kind enough to read our up coming book and share an opinion.

The final proof of our manuscript is now being read by Annelie and myself. Our interim pastor at First Pres, Fort Wayne, was kind enough to review it and give us permission to share his thoughts. Some will wonder at the wisdom of asking one's pastor to do this, but I had met Ed years ago when he was a highly respected clinical education supervisor and, since we want this book to be used by support groups as well as reaad by individuals, we wanted him to review the work. I am sure his many friends in ACPE will be glad to hear from him again.

Thank you, Ed.

   This work addresses the theme of Acts 9 that depicts Saul as "an instrument whom I have     chosen...I myself will show him how much he must suffer for the sake of my name."   In great detail we are taken through the scriptures to understand the emotional development of Saul/Paul who has most often been studied for his intellect. We see his intense emotionality which shapes the interplay with his gifted theology.  Paul moves through his suffering as an agitator to a reconciler, from a self-confident dogmatic (both as Saul and Paul) to a cautious yet astute writer from prison.  I personally was intrigued in discovering the complexity of the man as an instrument of God's people.  

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