Monday, July 4, 2011

Social networking: a modern reality - and necessity

I, probably unlike you, have had to learn a lot about social networking. All of us, however, have had to take to heart the lessons of ex-congressman Weiner. Annelie – not merely my wife, but editor-in-chief of family offerings – always signs off on everything going out on the www. The black humor of this, of course, is that I am the one with the doctoral degree, while she is the smarter of the two. Despite the nodding of the heads of friends, I maintain this is merely a matter best consigned to the flesh. I am left brained, she is right brained, and it is a matter of record that the thin white strip between the two hemispheres is thicker in the female than the male, facilitating the better transmission between the two. I regard this as a matter of cheating when issues appear of less quiet discussion. Only male readers may vote on this widely accepted truism, of course.

 My latest adventure in social networking is the TV trailer. Long have I known (and been bored by) motion picture pre-views. In my innocence I was unaware that the best selling books now have TV trailers, or so my son informs me. Since he works in Hollywood while living in Indiana, I must assume he knows. So it was he came by with the first draft of a trailer – a string of pictures, not unlike the ones on the blog, words from reviewers, picture of our book cover, etc. The music, which also had to be in public domain, Annelie and I questioned. It was of “Amazing Grace,” a spiritual recorded by a black couple in the 1920’s. The pain was there, but no transition to an affirmation; that is needed to illustrate the subtitle of our book, “From Woundedness to Wholeness.” Our son went back to give further consideration. “How,” you may ask, “do you afford such professional competence?” The man is absolutely adamant in his demand for Annelie’s potato pancakes over the July 4th weekend.

The moral of this, naturally but perhaps above normally, is that we are all learners. None of us is too old, none of us too, too youngish.

I was so pleased this week to see hits from France and Australia. That makes sixteen countries.
When I began this blog I had the conviction that PTSD was a severe world-wide problem.
We are all in this together, and together it is that we will find our way out.

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