Friday, September 2, 2011

Logic versus Blogging: dinner with a college professor

We had a college professor and his wife over for supper. He teaches critical thinking. “How,” you may ask, “does a blogger dare fraternize with such a person?” I can only say, in all modesty, that I am from Texas.

Actually, he and I have a lot in common. His wife says that in the summer, when she is busy with housework, he follows her around trying out his latest lecture notes on her. On my side, my wife accuses me that I wait until she is at her busiest and then come in and announce, “Honey, I need you to read over this blog. It will only take a minute…”

It may strike fear in your heart, however, to learn that we mostly talk religion and politics. Not to worry: we took turns wondering. One wonder was why some candidate would announce his or her love of Jesus and never get around to what it means to love your neighbor and who is that. The politics were mostly about the race for the presidency. The wonder was the aspiring to be in that office - where that person is finally held accountable for the welfare of us all - while vigorous debating how to govern in such a way that areas of county wide responsibility are whittled away. 

You, for your part, probably are wondering if such conversations get out of hand. Not to worry. Both our wives are deacons in a Presbyterian Church and well aware of that heritage. His wife is from South Carolina and keeps the talk decent, and my wife is from Germany and maintains order.

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