Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It’s not the book signing, it’s the discussion, my friends

The Apostle Paul and Post-Traumatic Stress,
From Woundedness to Wholeness

We had a first book signing this past weekend, friends and friends of friends, and that’s fun. I talked a bit, and Annelie talked a bit, there was some dropping money and the signing of books. Of course, I ran out of ink and had to borrow a pen!

What was really nice is that an old friend came we had not seen in some time. She is going to be the new pastor in a small church here. She thought she might use the book as a discussion group starter, and that was very complementary. I had closed my part by suggesting that the leaders of the small discussion groups that we hope will emerge out of reading this book will use the format I remember from leading a Great Books discussion group.

                What did the author(s) say,
                What did the author(s) mean by this,
                What does that mean to me?

As we hoped, after Annelie and I finished, it jump started the group talking, questioning, sharing, getting involved. We really liked that. Good friends and, hopefully, new friends to come. We had a lady come who is new to Fort Wayne. She had lunch after church with several of us on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago. She’s been invited to be a part of our Friday book study group: that sort of thing is important in our lives, we hope it is in yours.

I will share one fear with you: that in these hopefully to come discussion groups some ideology will not start hammering away at some theological angle. The Apostle Paul and Post-Traumatic Stress, From Woundedness to Wholeness, is a really a biography of a classic hero of the Western World, a role model hopefully for some readers, a growth stimulus for many.

And if it doesn’t send some other authors to their key boards, that will really be a surprise…

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