Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting a book published is a small thing compared to what comes next. Dear Lord, help! HELP!

Things are falling into place. The presentation of the book went well the last two Sunday mornings in the class. I talked to a chaplain at a university here in Fort Wayne and the result probably will be something after the first of the year. All people in higher education are concerned about highly stressed returning veterans dropping out of school rather than finishing. Annelie and I will be doing the second week’s devotional during the Lenten series at our church.

I got an e-mail, too, from an administrative person at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. (When I was there I also had a NIMH fellowship in alcoholism, had my residency there and was a graduate assistant to Dr. Robert Leslie.) She got a doctoral student who is concentrating on Paul to agree to do a book review. Excuse my foolish courage: I am announcing that without seeing it!

The e mail blasts are in process from the publisher; again, it is taking longer than we had hoped – but what is new about that for we authors? It will go out to several tens of thousands of clergy and, I suppose, to some lay professionals in churches.

The best of it all: Annelie and I are off on a ten day cruise, part of the world we haven’t seen; the son and dog are house sitting. A button will be pressed, however, and the next blogs will be there. Annelie has been deep in planning for the trip. I noticed, however, she had started making a list of things she needed to do when she gets back. Did I tell you that she was German? Well, becoming an American citizen doesn’t change things all that much…

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