Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Looking at our world – and celebrating New Zealand

When you blog and go to “statistics” there is a picture of our world, countries from whom there are hits are slightly darker.

Last week there were ten, ordered in the number of hits: The U.S., Russia, Australia, Brazil, France, Ireland, Malaysia, Ukraine, South Africa. And there were none from New Zealand.

There was an interview in the newspaper that Monday of a woman from Christchurch; you will remember it has been a year since that terrible earthquake that devastated the city. About six weeks later, the hits began to appear on this blog. That is the lapse we would expect after that sort of event. The hits lasted for weeks and weeks, then less, and now no more for days and days and days.

The lady said that few people had left the city. Almost all remained, all stood together in support and in care. The rebuilding is well begun. How wonderful, how marvelous. We are so glad for you, so proud of you. Our prayers for you, and to all who suffer so greatly.

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