Monday, February 20, 2012

There is an excellent article on Post-Traumatic Stress by Siri Hustvept in today’s New York Times

Even if you are all too familiar with Post-Traumatic matters – or especially if! – you will want to turn to the Opinionator section for February 20th. 

 The account of a near fatal car wreck is written vividly, as is the shadowy remembrance of the operating room and gradual semi-emergence into realizations. Some will know; it would be helpful if all of us would be.

The analysis and exploration of the brain following a traumatic impact is most helpful. The article ends at the close of the diagnostic period of acute stress. Recovery goes on, not only for the person, but those around him or her. There are sequences in feelings and relationships that are part of the process of the brain’s recovery.

For those of you to whom trauma is a concern, especially if you have read the passages from Saul’s Damascus way experience in our book, this is a good supplement for the clarification of that biblical account.

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