Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Conservatives love the fall colors; liberals celebrate the blossoms of springtime: and I?

Christ is risen! It is springtime; the moon is full; now the bud, soon the leaf.
How we need the affirmation of growth after a long, meditative pause, the restive cold. There is more to life than what was, however good, for life is cyclical.
There is a truth in “back to basics,” more than nostalgia for “the good old days.” “In the fullness of time” comes harvest, and Thanksgiving has a truth even as Easter does.
The wise man, the wise woman have roles not to be denied. The prophet is to be heard even if feared, the priest is a necessity with his powers of structuring, the reformer must play out her intensity; like the seasons, society will surge, fragment, contend and consolidate And rebel. What is real is the whole cycle. What is the act of faith is that the Creator does not will use to march in place and life demands of us more than going round in circles.
And where are we? You. Me. We each have a place in the life cycle of the individual, just as we fall into some place within a larger cycle, and perhaps a cycle of cycles if only we could grasp some larger scheme of things. We lash out in rebellion, we look backwards with longing, yet strive for balance, some maturity of perspective. Through it all, let us hope for some vision, an openness to the creative next step, intentions that do not sag with frustration  or give vent to unusable anger.
What I think we must realize is that Easter is more than an up-tilt of mood; it is both an affirming of what is and an evolving of what is to come. It is born of long days of self discipline; it is an endurance of the Dark Night of the Soul, and it is even standing with leaden faces before the potentiality of nothingness.
Give us rightful expectations, Lord, as we look into an empty tomb.

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