Saturday, June 23, 2012

The hate mail is going great guns, isn’t it? wetback, nigger, liar, nazi, socialist, right winger…

The recent big one was in the Euro bailout back and forth. Some Greeks got all hot to let the world know the Germans loaning them bailout money were a bunch of Nazis… If you haven’t signed up for a Greek vacation this summer, I suspect there is no problem with rooms, no waiting in line for dinner. 

The funniest hate name thing was the difficulty in bringing back West Side Story. The producers sweated blood over how to reframe all the old jargon: slang words back then, hate words now, big No, No’s. 

The one I roll my eyes over are these tv and radio “journalists” who fling around LIAR at every turn of the script. It is beginning to sound like they are too intellectually lazy to bother to hear accurately and respond appropriately to whatever is under discussion. Yes, I usually have to buy a new TV channel changer about once every year; no surprise, I guess.

Anyway, this month I have been back doing the Gospel of Matthew for my private devotions, so the Sermon on the Mount is fresh in my mind, particularly the part on judgmentalism – the “judge not that ye be not judged…” I got a laugh when it occurred to me that it was like that wicked stepmother in Snow White whose vanity would prompt her to stand before her magic mirror.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who is fairest of them all?

Then I didn't get a laugh when I realized that judging others is the quicksand of the soul. The mirror on my wall.

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